[Michigan – Day 2] Styer sends reigning champion Yapp into the loser side

BATTLE CREEK, MI – The 2023 Michigan Open presented by Samsung TV Plus continues to deliver heart-pounding action at Battle Creek’s Kellogg Arena. Here are the highlights from an exhilarating Day 2:

Results: Men’s Open // Women’s Open

Tyler Styer Shines on Home Soil. American Styer displayed a solid performance on his home turf, securing three wins and clinching a decisive victory over reigning champion Aloysius Yapp in the winner qualification round. Yapp had an opportunity to even the score at 3-3 in the second set, but a snooker on the 8-ball proved to be his undoing, allowing Styer to seize the match. Styer remarked, “It feels good to get to the stage where we get to play 3 sets. It’s a little bit humid here, but once I figured the speed of the table I felt pretty good.”

Polish power set to conquer Battle Creek. Impressive performances from Polish players, with three already securing spots in the last 16 and two more on the cusp of qualification pending today’s results in the losers’ qualification round. Daniel Maciol is one of them, ready for the last 16. Maciol’s campaign saw him notch three wins, all in two sets, with no shootouts required. He defeated Michael Bridges, Max Adams, and Georgi Goergiev. Maciol expressed, “I feel very happy, I played so far very well, I’m enjoying the tournament so far, I like the format, I hope to play my best game tomorrow.”

Kazakis ousted by Gomez. Alex Kazakis faced an early exit as he struggled to find his game against Filipino contender Roberto Gomez. Gomez now needs two more wins in the losers’ side to qualify for the last 16.

Tkach Triumphs in Shootout: Kristina Tkach emerged victorious in a nail-biting shootout on the TV table against Yu-Hsuan. The match showcased both players executing several impressive 10-ball combinations. As the match went into a shootout, the pressure intensified. The last 10-ball wobbled on the edge of the pocket before finally disappearing, securing Tkach’s victory. Reflecting on the match, Tkach stated, ‘Coming into this tournament, I was well prepared, but I was really nervous in this match. I couldn’t quite find my rhythm and get the feel in my hand. I managed to pull through and hopefully I’ll feel better in the next match against Chia Hua Chen’.

Wei’s Spectacular Shot of the Day: Tzu-Chien Wei wowed spectators with a remarkable long 1-ball into the 10-ball, showcasing exceptional knowledge and precision. The runner-up of last year’s Michigan Open is poised for another strong run and will face Margaret Fefilova in the winners’ qualification round.

Alenzi defeating world Champion Ouschan. In an unexpected turn of events, Abdullah Alenzi secured an important victory over world champion Albin Ouschan in two sets. Alenzi advances to the last 16 while Ouschan gets another chance to qualify later in the day. 

Gorst survives the sudden death: Fedor Gorst secured his spot in the last 16 after three hard-fought wins. His final match against young American Joey Tate culminated in a sudden death shootout, with Gorst emerging victorious with a score of 5-4.

Drama in Shootouts: The last round of the day was packed with drama and emotion, as five matches were decided in shootouts, showcasing the resilience and tenacity of the competitors.

Day 3 promises even more thrilling action as the Men’s Open moves into the Last 16. The format extends to three sets, with shootouts in the event of a 3-3 tie in the third set. Additionally, the Women’s field will compete in the qualification rounds. Semifinals and Finals for the Men’s division are scheduled for Saturday, with the Women’s division concluding on Sunday, culminating in the Final at 4pm.

Where to watch

YouTube – World Billiard TV

Billiard TV

Fans can watch table 1 matches live, for free on the World Billiard TV YouTube channel. Fans can also watch live on Billiard TV (https://streamstak.com/billiardtv/), which is available on many platforms including Samsung TV Plus.

The Michigan Open presented by Samsung TV Plus is the third stop of the year for the Predator Pro Billiard Series and is played alongside the CSI Leagues Michigan State Championships. The tournament is played on 9-foot Predator Apex Pool Tables with Predator Arcadia Reserve Performance Cloth and Predator Arcos II Balls.

The Predator Pro Billiard Series is partnered by CSI, BCA Pool Leagues, Kamui, Medalla Light and Rums of Puerto Rico.



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