[Michigan – Day 3] Another jumping masterclass by Gorst

BATTLE CREEK, MI – The 2023 Michigan Open presented by Samsung TV Plus continued to deliver top-tier billiards action on its third day. Here are the highlights from the riveting matches:

Another jumping masterclass by Gorst. Last 16 round featured a showdown between Max Lechner and Fedor Gorst. Lechner made a dream start, executing two break and runs, keeping Gorst in his chair. The third rack witnessed a strategic safety battle culminating in a spectacular long jump shot by Gorst. That was only the first of several impressive jumps accomplished by Fedor only in that match.

The first set showcased the mental fortitude required at this level of play. While Lechner played flawlessly, Gorst seized the initiative with a stunning jump shot and position play, completely shifting the momentum of the match.

Fedor commented, “I switched to the other side because I didn’t like the way the rack was breaking from the left. And I was getting lucky there and making balls on the break. So I had the initiative from the beginning in the second set, so I got up and I was up 3 to 1, could have closed the set, missed the ball, and Max ran out from there and then broke dry and left me open and I ran out and I made like five or six jump shots.”

Styer’s Exit in Shootout. American Tyler Styer’s journey came to an end as he was bested by Joven Bustamante in a nail-biting shootout. Bustamante is now set to face Fedor Gorst in the first TV match of the day at 9 AM local time.

Polish Powerhouses Shine: Former world 10-ball champion Wojciech Szewczyk from Poland showcased a flawless performance, securing a 4-0, 4-0 victory against Vietnamese star Hoang. Szewczyk’s precision was on full display with two break and runs to seal the match. He also bested fellow countryman Daniel Maciol, earning him a spot in the last 8 where he will face another Polish contender, Mieszko Fortuński. This marks an impressive presence of three Polish players in the last 8 of the Men’s Open.

Quarterfinals Matchups: In the Men’s Open, the quarterfinal matchups are as follows:

    • Mieszko Fortuński vs. Wojciech Szewczyk
    • Denis Grabe vs. Wiktor Zieliński
    • Aloysius Yapp vs. Jan van Lierop
    • Joven Bustamante vs. Fedor Gorst

Kelly Fisher survives the shootout. Defending champion Kelly Fisher suffered to go through her losers qualification match against Silviana Lu. Lu performed well and took the first set 4-1, but Fisher came back strong to take the second set 4-2. The shootout was equally thrilling, ending with a 4-2 victory for Fisher. “I didn’t think I were going to win it for one minute… Another day. Another day. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow. So fingers crossed I can step it up and take it all the way.”, commented Fisher after her win.

Jasmin Ouschan lost in a shootout against Chihiro Kawahara, but managed to qualify through the losers’ side after beating Elise Quiu. Ouschan is set to face Seo Seoa on the TV table at 11 AM local time for a spot in the quarterfinals.

The match between Allison Fisher and Margaret Fefilova promises to be another thrilling contest in the Last 16 of the Women’s Open, starting at 11 AM.

The 2023 Michigan Open presented by Samsung TV Plus runs concurrently with the CSI Leagues Michigan State Championships. The Kellogg Arena was buzzing with activity, hosting 69 Predator Apex 7f tables, 149 teams, and over 800 players.



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