Medalla Light Puerto Rico Open Final Stages

After three days of intense play, the final stages of the Medalla Light Puerto Rico Open begin!

In the Men’s division, the competition has narrowed down to the last 8 players, with the quarter-final matches set to kick off today at 11 am local time. Defending champion Carlo Biado has been eliminated, losing to Fedor Gorst in two sets (4-0, 4-2). Shane Van Boening is also out after losing to Joao Grilo from Portugal in a thrilling shootout, 8-7.

The quarter-final matchups feature exciting contests: Roland Garcia vs Mario He on TV Table 2, and Fedor Gorst vs Joshua Filler on TV Table 1. Both matches will be livestreamed for free on YouTube Pro Billiard TV.

Quarter Finals matchups:

  • Roland Garcia vs Mario He
  • Fedor Gorst vs Joshua Filler
  • Chang Jung-Lin vs Aloysius Yapp
  • Hjun Kwon vs Konrad Juszczyszyn

The Semifinals of the Men’s Open are scheduled to start at 2 pm today, with the grand final taking place at 5 pm. A large crowd is expected, as fans from Puerto Rico have been creating an amazing atmosphere throughout the week.

In the Women’s Division, two more rounds of the losers’ side will be played today to determine the qualifiers for the last 16 round, which is set to begin at 5 pm.

Simultaneously, the World Teams Championship is underway, with teams having already completed two of the three matches in the stage 1 round-robin format. The third and decisive round of matches is scheduled for today at 9 pm. The top two teams from each group will advance to the quarter-finals, moving a step closer to the coveted first prize: $120,000 for the champions!

Men’s Open Results:

Women’s Open Results:

Teams Results:



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