Germany clinches Predator WPA World Teams Championship in a thrilling sudden-death shootout

Pia Filler seals an epic comeback with the decisive shot, securing the title and a first prize of $120,000.

The final day of the Puerto Rico Billiard Expo concluded with unparalleled drama. Chinese Taipei, previous winners of the World Teams in 2012 in Beijing, stood on the verge of a repeat victory, securing the first two sets in the final against Germany.

However, Joshua, Pia, and Moritz of Team Germany were not ready to concede the title. Demonstrating remarkable resilience and team spirit, the Germans staged a comeback, securing the mixed doubles in the third set, with Joshua claiming victory in the single’s match during the fourth set, forcing a decisive shootout in the fifth set.

As each team player took turns shooting under intense pressure, the first four shots from each team found their mark. The tension heightened when Wu Kun Lin missed the first sudden-death shot. Moritz Neuhausen had an opportunity to clinch the title but missed, followed by Chou’s miss on the second sudden-death shot. The exhilarating moment arrived when Pia Filler made the winning shot.

This thrilling conclusion marked one of the most dramatic endings to a world championship, with a single shot determining the recipient of an extraordinary $120,000 first prize.

Reflecting on the victory, Pia Filler expressed, “It’s an incredible feeling to make the money ball and to do it for my team, especially because I played bad in the single’s matches. I just thought that’s my chance to redeem myself. It’s been an incredible week.”

Joshua Filler added, “I’m just over the moon. I’m glad that she made the last ball because I didn’t want to get back to the table (laughs). I think ‘believe’ is the right word for what we did; we never stopped believing in ourselves and our teammates.”

Moritz Neuhausen shared his thoughts, saying, “It was an up and down; we still can’t believe it. In the end, we somehow won. I missed for the title, and I’m glad that Pia made it because I couldn’t hold the nerves anymore. It was an amazing event; we had so much fun, and that’s the most important thing.”

Special recognition goes to the underdog team Portugal, who showcased exceptional skill by reaching the semifinals, as well as the consistently formidable team of Austria, earning them the bronze medal.

The conclusion of the Predator WPA World Teams Championship marks the end of an incredible week of pool in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Heartfelt thanks to all the staff, sponsors, players, and fans who made this event possible.

Our sponsors and partners for this event are Medalla Light, Predator Group, Kamui Brand, CSI and Rums of Puerto Rico. With the local support of Puerto Rico Tourism company, Discover Puerto Rico, District Puerto Rico and Popular.

This event is played on Predator Apex pro pool tables covered with Predator Arcadia Performance Cloth, with Predator Arcos II balls, and under the Predator Arena billiard lights.



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