Pro Billiard Series Is Proud To Be Partnered By ALFA Coin

When Karim Belhaj of billiard equipment manufacturer Predator Group teamed up with Ozzy Reynolds and CueSports International to create the Predator Pro Billiard Series, the plan was not only to build a bridge linking the professional pool player with the amateur competitor, but also to create a similar olive branch to the game for sponsors from outside the industry. 

As the Pro Billiard Series enters into its second season, the series continues in its partnership with cryptocurrency ALFA, which was the title sponsor of this year’s Las Vegas Open in addition to supporting all Pro Billiard Series events in 2022.  

“We share the same vision and they see the same potential in the game,” said Belhaj about the agreement.  

“To me, pool is one of the biggest sports in the world,” said ALFA Founder Esteban Robles. “We want to bring money to billiards to make well-funded tournaments so that the game gets the same attention as other major sports.”

ALFA coin, which is a joint venture between Robles as well as partners in Costa Rica and the Philippines, is a privately-funded decentralized cryptocurrency project which was created originally for the online gaming industry to give players a practical option to hold and utilize their assets.  The project is also working on launching the website early in 2022, which will allow people to wager on various sports and games using the currency. 

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Each of this year’s Pro Billiard Series events are WPA Category 3 sanctioned events, allowing players to earn more WPA ranking points from each event.

The Predator Pro Billiard Series is a series of open, professional events held around the world to provide more opportunities for professional and aspiring pool players to compete in high-quality events, earn more income, sharpen their skills.

The winner of each 2022 Pro Billiard Series event will receive a guaranteed spot in the 2023 Predator Cues World 10-Ball Championship, which will be held February 27 through March 3 in Las Vegas. The winner of Women’s Division events will receive a guaranteed spot in the 2022 Predator World Women’s 10-Ball Championship, which will be held in Klagenfurt, Austria, September 6-10.

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