Dress Code

This is the dress code for Pro Billiard Series Events:



Long dress pants; no shorter than 2 inches above the ankle. Women may wear skirt or dress which cover the knees. Colors: neutral, solid colors – beige, brown, dark blue, dark green, gray. and black. Denim material is not allowed except dark black color and not ripped.


Clean black shoes (incl. black sole) Closed toe shoes Sandals/ flip-flops/ crocks (or similar) are not allowed.


Clean collared sleeve (long or short) shirt or polo of any color. Shirt or polo must be tucked in. Women may wear an elegant top, a blouse or a dress which needs to cover the shoulders. A full zipped jacket is allowed (hoodies are not allowed). T-shirts are not allowed. Same logo rules apply to shirt, polo- and jackets


Under no circumstances will the organization accept any of these clothing:

• Athletic wear of any kind, including but not limited to sweats, swimwear, jogging suits, uniforms, jerseys, or any type of pants with contrasting stripes not associated with formal wear.

• Shorts of any kind, regardless of apparent length. Pants must be normal in respect to the appropriate rise in relation to the length of garment and may not be excessively baggy or loose fitting.

• Overalls, coveralls, jeans, hats, headphones, or earpieces (unless medical need, proof required)


  • Up to 6 commercial sponsors spots 6 sq/inch or 38.4 sq/cm
  • Up to 3 apparel manufacturer logo 3 sq/inch or 19.2 sq/cm
  • If a manufacturer logo is bigger than 3 sq/inch or 20 sq/cm, it will account for a commercial logo.
  • These logos should be placed in positions 1-6 and/or C on the diagram.
  • Text on jerseys will be treated as a sponsor logo, unless it is the athlete’s name, nickname, or country they represent.
  • No Full back logos. Back can be – 1 in the top of the back and ONLY for apparel manufacturer logo player’s name, country’s name or flag.
  • In addition, the Pro Billiard Series may provide athletes with one additional patch for the event. This should be displayed as shown in position (1) on the image.
  • Logos may not exceed sixty-five (65) square centimeters. Logos should only be worn in the positions shown in the image above.
  • The organization reserves the authority to disallow any sponsor logos for any reason.